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What is Covered in an End of Tenancy Clean?

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Moving home can be a stressful time, especially once you remember that you have to leave the place looking professionally cleaned. In this article, we go over everything you need to know about the professional end of tenancy cleaning services, like ours at Valor Property Maintenance. 

So, what is covered in an end of tenancy clean? End of tenancy cleaning is the deep cleaning of a home from top to bottom, just before moving out. The home should be left in the same condition, or better, as when the tenant moved in. End of tenancy cleaning can be done professionally, or by the departing tenants. Tenants are responsible for end of tenancy cleans.

Keep reading to find out more about what end of tenancy cleaning is, who’s responsible for it, and charges.

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What does end of tenancy clean mean?

An end of tenancy clean is usually a service provided by a professional cleaning service when tenants move out of a rental property, but it can also refer to tenants themselves performing a deep, professional-level clean prior to moving out. This also includes moving any provided furniture, accessories, etc. back to their original position. 

End of tenancy cleaning is particularly important, for both landlords and tenants, as it ensures that the property is left in the same condition as when the tenant moved in, and that the tenant’s security deposit can be returned in full as the cost of professional cleaning service can be deducted from the total returned.

What should an end of tenancy clean involve?

An end of tenancy clean should ensure that the property is left spotless as if a professional cleaning service has done the work. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mopping floors and tiles, or vacuuming carpets and any rugs
  • Removing cobwebs and dust, including from on top of tall furniture
  • Cleaning windows (external cleaning may not apply as some landlords provide this service)
  • Cleaning or wiping down doors and handles
  • Cleaning or wiping down of cabinets and counters
  • Cleaning out the inside of cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, etc
  • Cleaning or wiping down any appliances
  • Deep oven and hob cleaning
  • Cleaning bathroom fittings, including removal of limescale and soap scum
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet
  • Defrost and clean the freezer and refrigerator
  • Sweeping and cleaning of any outside areas

Tenants can choose to perform these cleaning tasks themselves, but a professional cleaning service will make quick, easy work of it, ensuring that tenants get their security deposit back.

Fair wear and tear

Landlords should not charge for minor damage that could be considered wear and tear, such as chipped or faded paint, minor scuffing to the walls or flooring, wearing of carpets, and cracks in the plaster. Anything beyond everyday wear and tear will likely result in deductions from the security deposit.

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Who is responsible for the end of tenancy cleaning?

Tenants are responsible for the end of tenancy cleaning. It is their responsibility to ensure that the property is returned in the same condition as when they moved in, which usually requires a deep clean from top to bottom.

Do tenants have to pay for professional cleaning?

Tenants are responsible for the cost of any professional cleaning services, whether they choose to hire a company themselves or choose to simply have the cost deducted from their security deposit, leaving the task for the landlord to handle.

How long does an end of tenancy clean take?

A full end of tenancy clean will usually take between 3-6 hours, depending on the size of the property. Bear in mind that professional cleaners will probably work quicker and more efficiently than if tenants choose to perform the end of tenancy clean themselves, therefore we recommend leaving at least 12 hours for the task, just to be sure.

Is it worth getting an end of tenancy clean?

In our opinion, a professional end of tenancy clean is worth it for two reasons:

Get your money back

Using a professional cleaning service is a  good way for tenants to ensure that they get their security deposit back (at least where cleaning is concerned – the DPS suggests that 56% of deposit disputes are in relation to cleaning). It’s at each individual landlord’s discretion if, and how much to charge for cleaning, but tenants could be looking at losing up to around £100 for an improperly cleaned property.

Save time and energy

Using a professional cleaning service for an end of tenancy clean will save tenants a lot of time and energy during what is an already long and tiring process. It depends on each individual’s situation, but we think that paying for a professional cleaning service will make the whole process of moving out a little easier, and a whole lot less tiring. Who wants to spend hours cleaning after moving day?

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How much can a landlord charge for cleaning?

If tenants choose not to clean to a satisfactory standard before moving out, landlords can claim back the costs of professional cleaning services through the tenant’s security deposit. This is one of the most common reasons for deductions to be made on a security deposit. 

The cost of end of tenancy cleaning will vary depending on the cleaning service used, the size of the property, and the state of the property. However, average security deposit deductions for end of tenancy cleaning services can cost tenants up to around £100.

End of tenancy cleaning with Valor Property Maintenance

Valor Property Maintenance offers end of tenancy cleaning in Leeds and Bradford, as well as professional domestic and commercial cleaning services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services in Leeds, or to book an appointment.

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