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The importance of smoke detectors

As you may know this is a legal requirement to have these in the property. When you rent out your home, you are responsible for the installation of smoke alarms. In this instant, we carried out an inspection and found there we’re no smoke detectors in the property at all but the issue was the ceilings were over 20 foot high. Lots of contractors that we spoke to were charging hundreds of pounds to fit these as they needed scaffolding to reach that high. We tried every option to get these fitted for a cheaper, we even called The Yorkshire Fire Brigade to see if they would fit it however because it was a rented property they weren’t able to. They did give advice to tape a plunger to a long broom and put the smoke detector on the plunger. Then to stand on a ladder and push the broom with the smoke detector to a ceiling. We passed this advice onto the handy man and he was able to do this from a quarter of the price. The smoke detectors are now fit so the tenant is safe. If you don’t have any smoke detectors working in your property, we would be more than happy to help install these for you!